Empowering Young Men.

Inspiring Leaders.

Building a Stronger Community.

Welcome to Youth & Blue United Inc, where young men discover their true potential, ignite their passions, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Join us in empowering and transforming lives through our dynamic programs designed to inspire growth, foster resilience, and build a stronger community.
Through our transformative programs, we equip young men with essential life skills, foster meaningful connections with mentors and role models, and create opportunities for personal growth and success. From our Men's Circle facilitating healing and leadership to our Male Mentoring program offering guidance and support, each initiative is thoughtfully designed to empower participants and unlock their full potential.

Mentorships & Programs

Explore our diverse range of programs designed to empower young men. From our Men's Circle fostering healing and leadership to our Male Mentoring program, each initiative is carefully crafted to empower participants and nurture their potential.

Male Mentoring

Experience a life-changing mentoring journey that culminates in a Student Recognition Ceremony, celebrating growth and achievements. Our dedicated mentors support young men in reflection, repair, redefinition, and recreation of their lives...

Youth-Led Conversations

Join our safe space for young men to heal, be heard, and develop into thoughtful thinkers and community leaders. Engage in activities and story-sharing that foster conflict resolution skills, decision-making prowess, and positive relationships...

Tied to Greatness

Discover the art of tying a necktie while cultivating character, respect, and integrity. This program instills essential life skills, empowering young men to embody greatness in every aspect of their lives, whether in a tie or
a t-shirt...

Write Your Wrong

Embrace personal growth and transformation as young men learn to make amends with their past, focus on the present and future, and develop crucial writing and goal-setting skills. This workshop empowers them to create their own future...

Community Support

Over 12,000 Youth Reached!

We believe in the power of partnerships and outreach to create a collective impact on the lives of young men. We proudly partner with several schools and organizations, working hand in hand to provide comprehensive support and opportunities for our participants. Below is a list of our esteemed partners who share our vision and commitment to empowering young men.

Partnerships :

Schools & Organizations Impacted by Youth & Blue United Inc.

Books & Publications

Below are the publications by Carmichael Lewis. Each book purchased one book will be donated to a youth.

Meet the Founder

Carmichael Lewis

Carmichael Lewis, a proud Chicago native, grew up as the middle child in a family of three on the Southside of the city. Over the years, he has successfully worn many hats—police officer, published author, entrepreneur, mentor, and real estate investor, but his journey to success was not devoid of hurdles.

Despite facing adversities early in life, including a couple of arrests and academic setbacks, Carmichael never allowed these stumbling blocks to deter his ambitions. Instead, he saw them as steppingstones towards becoming the resilient individual he is today.

With over fourteen years in law enforcement—five of which were served in the Chicago suburbs—Carmichael's commitment to safeguarding his community is unwavering. He holds a master’s degree in public safety administration and an undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice from Chicago State University, further solidifying his dedication to the cause.
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